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April 1, 2017

Today the Textilshchiki subway station in Moscow was renamed after Texel, Inc., whose HQ is located nearby, the manufacturer of the world’s first engaging 3D scanners. A rather unusual solution for Russia has long been common in other countries: 1 Microsoft Way in Redmond, 1 Dell Way in Round Rock, 22000 AOL Way in Sterling and many other places got their names after innovative companies that change the world around them in both global and such a local geographical manner.



Multicolored texels (abbr. from TEXture ELement, the fundamental unit of a texture of a 3D object) have been painted on station lobby wall, artwork by the famous Moscow graffiti artist Alexey 'Kiosk' Kio.


A new three-dimensional theme is also featured in the nameplates of the station itself.


A multicolored zebra crossing leads down from the subway exit to the head office of the company.


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